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Marketing Your Local Business - First Step in Digital Marketing

Your first dive into digital marketing should start with a website. 

Keep in mind, that any run of the mill website likely wont do. Having an outdated or confusing design can be just as bad as not having a website. Designing a website that compliments your unique business is key. 

There are many roads you can take with web design. 

  • You can choose to pay a freelance designer to develop a site for you

    • Your web designer may choose a platform that they are familiar with. It will likely be Wordpress

  • You can choose a website company that specializes in your industry

  • You can do it yourself

I recommend you do your research on which website option is the best choice for you, however I have provided a few options below.

Choosing the Correct Platform for your Business

Depending on your needs you may need to choose a website that you can build yourself or choose a company that fits all of your needs best.

Websites for Doctors, Dentists and Medical Professionals

There are plenty of website companies for medical professionals (namely Officite, PBHS, ProSites, TNT Dental and more).

I personally recommend ProSites. Not only because I work there, but because they offer a variety of stock website designs, custom design services and Search Engine Marketing services that can provide a big benefit to doctors. One key area that is worthy of a recommendation is the dedicated member services representative you receive with your website. If you need something changed or altered on your site, a member services representative is there to help you!

Websites for E-Commerce 

If you have products that you want to sell online you have plenty of choices that can offer options for online commerce. Platforms such as Wix, Wordpress and Square Space have the capacity to include e-commerce options. Despite the availability of add-ons that support digital commerce, there are a few that provide a targeted solution.

The big two E-Commerce solutions are Volution and Shopify. 

I personally recommend a Volution solution due to the ease of use and the ability to add plugins that help with managing your product sales and shipments. I used a Volution website solution to provide an internal store for RIOT Games when I worked at Marketing Instincts. The system was absolutely amazing for e-commerce and provides many benefits for small and medium sized business models.

Websites to Build Yourself

There are many platforms out there that offer an easy approach to website design that nearly anyone can learn.

This website is designed with Wix. I personally like the wix HTML5 web editor for its ease of use and the ability to create a customized website to fit my needs. Square Space is a similar option to Wix and can provide similar benefits.

While Wix and Square Space offer an easy customizable approach to web design, there is a new kid on the block that promises to be even easier. The Grid is a new web design system that apparently is powered by AI. It is designed to adapt to your needs in real time, with the ability to add content on the go and without any knowledge of web design. 

Things to Consider when Choosing

There are 100’s of options available to build a website yourself. Choose a platform you are comfortable with. Try out each system (most offer free trials) and see what platform suits you. Soon you will be a website master and promote your business online in no time.

One important thing you should consider prior to choosing any platform is mobile. Mobile websites are a necessity and choosing a platform that supports mobile is a necessary. Google has been promoting mobile compatibility and have released algorithm changes that provide a benefit to mobile optimized sites.  Most companies have mobile options available (usually free or a charge). Just be clear to get a mobile site when you make a decision. 

Be sure to check out the next blog article on Digital Marketing for Local Businesses focusing on Business Listings. 

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